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Infant Program



2 to 12 months

Your baby receives individual attention, affection, respect, and love. This is a crucial first step in the development of positive self-concepts and feelings of self-worth.

Pre-K Kids Learning Center provides developmental care well beyond the routine custodial care that addresses the infant's basic needs such as being fed, changed, and kept clean and safe. Developmental care can address all of these needs as well as take care of the infant's need to be held, loved, talked to. They are also stimulated through books and toys to look and listen to, floor play, finger play, as well as constantly be assisted in their own independent actions.

Developmental care is care that helps infants develop both their minds and bodies in a safe and healthy environment.

The infant care program Pre-K Kids Learning Center provides learning in a conscious way, balancing open or free experiences with organized ones. Experiences include:

Activities for listening and talking
Physical development
Activities to stimulate the five senses
Learning from the world around them

The group environment of the daycare center provides peer socialization for your infant. Specialized activities also add a special touch.

At Pre-K Kids Learning Center, your baby's needs are handled promptly, feelings are accepted, and any problems are managed with understanding. The daily schedule is used only as a guide. The day revolves around each baby's individual schedule - including a policy of feeding infants on demand, unless a parent requests the use of an established feeding schedule.

2740 Ellwood Rd. New Castle, PA  16101
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